National Conference on climate change begins in Karnali

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Jumla, Oct 15 (RSS): The second national conference on pure water, food security, and climate change kicked off in Jumla, Karnali, on Sunday. Inaugurating the two-day conference, Minister for Population and Environment, Mithila Chaudhary, recalled the 2009 Cabinet Kalapatthar meeting, which raised the climate change issues as common agenda. Various policies towards that end had been introduced from the Cabinet level and their implementation had been focused. 
"Climate change has caused various impacts in Nepal," she said, underlining the need of showing concerns from every quarter for the implementation of a long term policy to minimise such adversities. According to her, the State has given its special attention towards ensuring rights to food and safe drinking water in the mountainous region including the Karnali. 
Nepal Academy of Science and Technology Vice Chancellor Dr Jeevraj Pokhrel shared information about the condition of climate change in Nepal, its impact and ways for minimisation with the programme, insisting on the need of formulating policies at the local, provincial and federal levels, seeking solution to climate change caused problems in the long run. 
According to him, Nepali is the fourth vulnerable country in the world in terms of climate change impact. 

Secretary at the Ministry of Population and Environment, Dr Bishwanath Oli, shared that Nepal through the 15th United Nations Denmark Conference on Climate Change had adopted the policies to reduce impact of climate change. 
Some 80 percent budget shall be invested at the local level while implementing the climate change policy, he said, calling for broadening the scope of study on it. 
Karnali Integrated Rural Development and Research Center (KIRDARC) Nepal President Ratnalal Kulal and Programme Director Govinda Bahadur Shahi said the objective of the conference was to seek justice for the life in highlands/mountains hit by the impact of climate change by assisting to reduce such impact. 

Representatives from government offices, donor agencies and local level and journalists of national level are taking part in the conference. During the discussion session about issues of climate change, food security and pure water related with the rights of highland life, the need of implementing programmes of adaptation at the local level was underscored. 
The conference is organised in a joint efforts of the Ministry of Population and Environment, NAST, Nepal Tourism Board, Kathmandu University and KIDARC and Nepalese Civil Society Mountain Initiative. 

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