ANS Election – Nominations for 2017-2019 Term

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America-Nepal Society (ANS) Election – Nominations for 2017-2019 Term
The Current America Nepal Society (ANS) Executive Committee will soon be completing its term in the office. Hence, we need to nominate a new executive team to run ANS for the years 2017 – 2019.  In this context, the current ANS executive board has formed a Five-Member Election Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Thakur Pudasaini, former president of ANS, to complete this mission. This committee will conduct the election for new ANS executives in a free, fair, and transparent manner, as authorized by the Article VII, 1, 2, & 3 of current ANS Bylaws and as decided by the current America Nepal Society Executive Committee (2014 – 2016).  All ANS members with current memberships as of Nomination File Date, shall be eligible to be a candidate for any position of the Executive Committee, including the position of president.  As per article VII (1) applicant should include a letter expressing his/her intention to serve and perform assigned duties if elected.  The Nomination Form below should also be completed.
  Qualification of candidates:
All ANS members with current memberships as of September 24, 2017, shall be eligible to be a candidate for any position of the Executive Committee, including the position of president.
However, the candidate should have a residency within the DC Metropolitan area.
Also, potential candidates are preferred (but not necessary) to be proposed by another ANS member to the committee, with a third ANS member supporting the proposed candidate.
The eligibility of each candidate will be examined against the membership roster prepared and updated by the executive board of the America Nepal Society.
  Application Fee
Applicants filing for the position of the President are required to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $250.00.
Applicants for all other positions are required to pay $150.00.
These fees can be paid in the form of check, money order, or via ANS PayPal Account while submitting the application. **Applicants paying via PayPal must submit the receipt**.
The fee must be paid by the application due date as set below.
These fees are placed in the ANS trust fund, and go toward running the election.
 The Election Schedule:
Application (Nomination Form) from candidates are to be received by 5:00 pm EST, September 27, 2017.
2. Any protest or opposition against candidates should be filed by 5:00 pm EST, September 28, 2017.
3.  The withdrawal of candidacy must be done by 5:00 pm EST, September 29, 2017.
3.  A list of final candidates for all positions will be published on September 30, 2017.
4.  The final Voter List will be published on October 01, 2017.
5.  Elections are to be held on October 08, 2017 during Dashain Tihar Mela
6.  Election Results will be announced on the same day
 Venue for the election:
 NECC Property
20520 Beallsville Road
Beallsville, MD-20839
 Please Note:
ANS is a social, cultural, and educational organization, therefore, any party-politics is strictly prohibited.
Please forward your nomination application, along with the required nonrefundable fee, to the following address and/or email:
Dr. Thakur Pudasaini
7564 Remington Road Manassas, VA, 20109
Phone: (703) -565-4697
 We encourage all community members to renew their membership or to become a new member on or before September 24, 2017 to elect a self-motivated Executive Committee.  We look forward to your cooperation and support! Please feel free to contact any of the following Election Committee Members for any questions, concerns, or to give suggestions. Thank you!

ANS Election Committee 2017

Dr. Thakur Pudasaini (
Nancy Chetry (
Madhavi Karki (
 Niranjan Adhikari (
Indra Shrestha (
 Please go to ANS WEBSITE for Details :

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